Fall Craft Day

So Fall Craft Day was a hit! Due to my recent obsession with Pinterest, I have created a never-ending list of “projects” to make – many seasonal. Thanks to that list, I orchestrated an afternoon of creating with a group of gals that either:

  1. Know a thing or two about crafting
  2. Enjoy saving a penny here or there

Each of us dove into a different project ranging from centerpieces to trick-or-treat buckets. #1 on my list was to decorate pumpkins that could not only last through Halloween, but right through Thanksgiving. Obviously, that meant I couldn’t carve them (who likes pumpkin seeds anyway?!).

I used real pumpkins however … add a little gold spray paint, and boom! They look magical. I did my best to stick with general fall colors and step away from anything too spooky that screamed HALLOWEEN. Plus, I’m obsessed with gold, so it seemed like an obvious color choice mandatory for everything I touched.

Other projects that were made included decorative candles, beautiful fall wreaths, and some festive wall decor. I may sound like a bit of an old lady, but it was really a great afternoon – a pile of crafts, a pile of girlfriends, and a pile of sweet treats turned into a lovely Sunday.


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