like mother like daughter

My sister Amy is just about 8 months pregnant – not that you can tell. She’s such a little one naturally. I took some fall maternity photos this weekend with Amy and her husband, Barrett. It was hilarious. Between Amy squatting in front of a hollowed out tree and Barrett hoisting her up to align her pregnant belly with the Stone Arch Bridge, we had TONS of laughs. I am prepping for her baby shower this weekend so my little nephew has been on my mind day and night. I am beyond “stoked” (pun intended) to become an Auntie for the very first time!

When I was looking through all the photos we took, I couldn’t help but recognize the insane resemblance Amy has to our Mom. Their smiles are identical. She would have loved to be part of this experience – can you even imagine a Nana Linda?! Too good to be true. Lord knows Mom is one proud lady! I have no doubt in my mind that Amy is going to hit the Top 10 Mothers of All Time list rather quickly (I have experienced her mothering). Be on the lookout for a baby shower post, coming soon! It’s going to be something to “read” about!

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