a classic is about to be born …

After news broke that I was going to be an Aunt for the VERY FIRST TIME, I got to party planning. Surprisingly, it was not a party for myself, but a get together honoring this little stoker and his Mama. Thanks to my belief that babies should have lots of books upon arrival, I decided to start a library for the little one. This idea themed the entire shower inspiring  invitations (not pictured … sorry!), party food, and presents! Each one of Amy’s friends told me about their favorite childhood book and I proceeded to hunt online and in book stores to get my hands on each one. At the party, friends wrote baby a little note on the inside cover of their favorite story. This boy now has a great start to one killer library – including classics like Where the Wild Things Are and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. The party food also tied into the children’s books. Goodies from books such as Green Eggs + Ham (deviled eggs + food coloring, no ham), The Stinky Cheese Man (cheese + crackers), If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (chocolate chip cookies), The Very Hungry Caterpillar (cupcakes), etc were displayed and eaten. From the amount of leftovers I’m assuming that one or two party-goers are also pregnant (not me!) …

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: To anyone thinking about attempting deviled eggs, don’t use fresh eggs!  Sounds weird, I know. But if your eggs have been in your fridge for at least 5 days, they peel much better than eggs right off the farm. Mine were fresh and a ______ (insert mean word) to peel!

All in all, the shower was a success. We played games (very competitively), opened presents, snacked (obviously), and more than anything came together to support Amy on her journey into motherhood!  We love you, Ame!!


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