cookie party

I got a jump start on adding that extra layer this weekend at the first annual Christmas Cookie party.  The girls and I gathered ingredients, recipes, all sorts of goodies, and baked away the afternoon. I was hoping baby Stoks had a sweet tooth and was going to venture out amidst all the cookies, but he actually didn’t bother.  Amy has about 3-1/2 weeks to go (babe is due on Christmas Day) but I swore he told me he was planning to come out this week.

After successfully dipping pretzels, rolling oreo balls, laying caramel, sprinkling cookies and placing kisses, we each ended up with about 5-dozen treats to take home! Needless to say, none of our husbands / boyfriends / buddies minded the 5 hours we spent in the kitchen.  This year was the first year we all got together to bake cookies, but I can guarantee you it will be happening again. The six of us seem to always come up with new traditions at this time of year. We’ve been having “Critchmas” for over 10 years now, last year started our annual ornament exchange (hiiiilarious!), and this year kicked off the cookie party. Every time I look at all of us and think about how we have grown from skinny little swimmer girls to mature working women, wives, and mothers, I am so thankful to have friends like this. Despite the craziness of life, we have somehow managed to stay as close as we were before boys, babies, and bills. This new tradition was a perfect start to this sweet season with some super sweet sisters!


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