Finley William

Now that Amy has introduced Finley to the virtual world, I am taking that as a green light to share some baby photos! Little Finn was such a good sport! At just 6 days old, I was all over him with my big camera and baby props. He wasn’t a huge fan of the whole process (mainly of being cold and naked) but once we wrapped him up in his big, furry blanket he shared a smile and took a snooze. These are some of my favorite Finn photos from his very first (of many) photo shoot with Auntie.
After snapping so many photos of what I’ve decided is the sweetest baby ever, I was in a creative mood and decided to whip up a little something extra which resulted in this Finley poster (bad photo, I know). It’s a collection of all things that were happening the day/year Finley was born including a personal recap of 2011, birthday statistics, the cost of common items such as gas and groceries, headlines of the day, the meaning of his name, and some pop-culture hot topics. It will be fun to look back and remember all that was going on in our family and in the world when Finley arrived!


One Comment to “Finley William”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Did you enjoy using your new lens? The lower left pic reminds me of Parker!

    PS- Totally going to have to steal this poster idea, soo cute!

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