I am in LOVE! Saturday morning marked my first date with the pretty, little Clarisonic Mia. I have been waiting/wanting/wondering about this beauty maker since July and could hardly handle the recommended 24 hour wait while she charged. Surprisingly, the charging system was the first feature that attracted me to Mia. There’s no “plug in” to the actual Mia (because it is shower friendly and waterproof) but instead this genius little magnet sticks to the front and charges ‘er up! AWESOME!!

Saturday morning my Mia was all charged, so I did what anyone would do and watched a few You Tube videos (Mia tutorials obviously). I can’t believe I actually thought to do this, but the tutorials I watched were super informative – more informative than the instruction manual I read.

Here’s a quick snapshot

  1. Remove all of your eye makeup before doing anything else.
  2. Wet your face and the brush head with warm water.
  3. Put your face wash all over your wet face with your finger tips, avoiding the eyes.
  4. Click the power button to turn on the Mia.
  5. In a GENTLE circular motion, begin cleansing your face; I start at my right cheek – 10 seconds, then chin – 10 seconds,  nose – 20 seconds (*WARNING: Tickles!),  left cheek – 10 seconds, and finally forehead – 20 seconds.
  6. Once your 60 – 70 seconds of cleansing is up, turn off the Mia and rinse the brush head clean with warm water; once a week you can clean the brush head with antibacterial soap to keep it extra clean and long lasting.
  7. Rinse the remaining face wash from your face with warm water.
  8. Pat your face dry, don’t rub! Your pores will be open and breathing, so it’s better for you and your face to be patted.
  9. Apply face lotion if needed or keep it bare and let your skin enjoy the cleanliness!

Aside from loads of positive reviews, the most common question surrounding the Clarisonic Mia is what face wash to use. From what I’ve read (keeping in mind that I’m not an expert), you want a face wash that is gentle and/or foaming. I am using Aveda Purifying Creme Cleanser which is a very mild face wash and has been working perfectly. You don’t want to combine the exfoliating power of the Mia with an exfoliating cleanser – too harsh. And usage totally depends on the face – sensitive skin should err on the side of caution and use less frequently (1 – 5 times a week), while no face should use it more than twice daily.

I have been using the Mia morning and night (for just 3 days) and have noticed a difference in the way my skin looks and feels. It is WONDERFUL and so so soft! I can’t wait to see what a month will bring. Watch out – I might even go makeup free (yea, right!).


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