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June 27, 2012

one year

brent and i are escaping to door county to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! i can’t believe i’ve been a married woman for 365 days already (well … 362). july 1 has become one of my favorite days to remember! i have much more to share regarding this last year’s adventure into wife-li-hood and also a bit more on door county upon my return! enjoy the weekend with fireworks of every kind!! xo

photo: our stay in door county

June 18, 2012

photo date

amy, finn and i had a photography date this week and i just can’t get enough. look at that face!  i am quite sure that my nephew is the sweetest baby. he looks just like his mama and makes it so easy to capture good photos!!

want a photo date? send me a line. i’d love to snap some for you!

June 10, 2012

season of sweet

sweet summer! we attended a rockin’ wedding on friday night, woke up saturday morning to welcome baby Harper Elizabeth into this world and rounded out the remainder of the weekend soaking up sun and swimming with “sisters” (*critch and biological) between Stillwater and the cities. the weekend was bursting with love for best friends, babies, family, and what i think is going to be one hot summer. bring on the sweetness!

*critch: (noun) sisters from another mister + mama; siblings you adore born to parents different from your own

June 4, 2012

i found my shoes

so i never actually lost my running shoes, but  i literally have not made running a regular practice since college high school (excluding a few VERY sporadic runs throughout college). it sounds insane when i think of how many years ago that actually was. i got super into yoga for a while and worked out at the over-crowded gym on occasion, but have pretty much completely abandoned running since high school track and for a while that was fine.

then i got married.

and then my husband started running. i had never seen him run before we actually walked down the aisle but then one day he put on his tennis shoes and went for a run. the next day he went a little farther … and now – just a little while after he took his first married run, he’s preparing to run the Twin Cities Marathon. if that wasn’t enough to light a fire directly under my butt, then i thought i better cash in my running chips altogether. thankfully i wasn’t quite ready to do that. and thanks to you, honey, for seriously inspiring me.

instead of continuing to act like uncle rico and reminisce about the days of high school i decided to do what anyone would do and hopped on pinterest for some inspiration. i immediately had luck finding numerous pictures of women wearing near nothing with little to no body fat and a whole lotta workout clothes i wanted to buy. then (thankfully) i stumbled into something with a little motivation.

it actually sounds ridiculously cheesy when i read it out loud, but apparently, that’s what i needed. a real kick in the rear … it didn’t matter how slow i went, as long as i got goin’! this past weekend my sister, Amy, and great buddy, Beth, ran the Grand ‘ol Day 5k together – first race in a while. Despite a mix-up at the starting line (meaning Amy and I were nearly 2 miles from where the race began 20 minutes prior to start), the race was great!!

i am still a work in progress but my running frequency has increased drastically since the spring began and i’m actually beginning to enjoy it. to avoid anything misleading, i’d still rather go to happy hour after work but running makes me feel much better! it feels soooo good to have my shoes back on!

June 2, 2012

farm sleepover

if you think you’re too old for sleepovers, i’d suggest reconsidering! we had such a wonderful night out at the farm – lots of friends, furry animals, and a roaring fire! after visiting with Mazy (quite possibly Macy) and Gilly – the fuzziest cows i have ever seen – we all sat down to dinner outside, opened some red wine and talked and laughed. the blazing fire was started with one little match (high-five jan) and roared for a while before we were able to get close enough to roast marshmallows. it was beautiful. wouldn’t it be a dream to live on a sweet ‘ol farm – friend’s homes connected by walking path, an enormous garden, and animals raised for ambiance? knowing near nothing about all the work that goes into maintaining my fantasy leads me to believe it would be amazing. a HUGE thank you to the strandemo’s for inviting us out to their perfect place!

June 1, 2012

to the farm!

brent and i are heading out to one of my greatest friend’s farms tonight (i.e. jan) for a little bonfire, a lot of little wine, and a little cow! i can’t wait to get a little farmy with my rob and kate!  lots of pics to come … stay tuned! photo courtesy of Casey