it’s in the bag

in-the-bagI just swallowed the last little sip of my final day 2 drink and I feel AWESOME!! This cleanse is so easy! If you’re at all feeling in need of a restart, I encourage you to give this a try! I have been feeling super energized and strangely happier. I don’t know why I say strangely. I feel good so naturally I’d be happier I guess. If you drink all 6 juices that you’re supposed to in a day, you consume a bit over 1,000 calories (1,070 to be exact). This is much less than I’d consume in a normal day, but all the calories I’m consuming are good calories keeping me energized (and full).

To be totally honest, last night was a bit rough. The little drummer boy excusing my brain for a musical instrument was excruciating. I went to be early. Really early. When I woke up this morning, I was pleased to notice that he had skipped town. Headache free zone!  No headache and all this extra energy resulted in karate chopping my to-do list at work (I didn’t even notice I had stayed nearly two hours later than normal), blogging at home (as you can tell by my sporadic posts, typically my TV family gets in the way of keeping this thing up to date), and a yoga date with my sister. HOME-RUN!

And yes, yes, yes. I’m drawing all these conclusions and crediting them to my cleanse after barely two days but I just can’t help it. I’m excited and it’s really the only thing that’s changed. I’m probably just high off of juice, but my day today was great. And yes, I’m crediting the juice! If tomorrow feels as nice, I just may elongate this for another day or two! Join in the fun! You will be so glad you did!!


One Comment to “it’s in the bag”

  1. Ok now I’m even more excited to try it. Going tomorrow to get them! 🙂 Glad it went so well for you.

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