five steps to eggcellent

The first time I really needed to succeed at hard boiling eggs, I was preparing for my sister’s story book themed baby shower. In addition to gifting my unborn nephew with a library of classic stories, all the food at the party was going to reflect an aspect of a children’s book. That’s where green eggs and ham came in. How complicated could it be to boil some eggs and drop a bit of food coloring into the yolks?! Surprisingly harder than it would have been to track down Dr. Seuss himself. I will admit that I was an amateur at hard boiling eggs, but I never dreamed the struggle between me and the stubborn shells would cause a near panic attack 20 minutes before guests arrived. I mean how can it be so ridiculously impossible to peel a freaking egg??? I didn’t have a panic attack, but instead made peace with the fact that my perfect spread would include hard boiled eggs that looked like they had been through the garbage disposal. I made peace and vowed NEVER to hard boil eggs again.

That’s when I discovered the best kept secret EVER. Baking them. I have to credit Pinterest and my good friend Calli for this discovery. If you ever prefer eggs hard boiled (great for lunches or to have in the fridge for a quick snack), this simple process comes highly recommended from a girl who has had serious hard boiling struggles. AND of coarse I wouldn’t be recommending this if it didn’t make peeling SO MUCH EASIER. So many perks I can’t stand it. They peel and you know exactly how long to cook them so they’re perfectly done. Follow along and bake something eggcellent!! (How cheesey is that, right? I love it.)

STEP 1: Grab a dozen of your favorite, farm fresh eggs and your standard muffin tin. Place one egg per muffin cup.
STEP 2: Once your oven reaches 325°, place the eggs in the oven and set your timer for 28 minutes.
STEP 3: Once the time is up, grab each egg out of the tin (salad tongs work great for this because the eggs are HOT) and place in a bowl of cold, cold water.
STEP 4: Admire your eggs.
STEP 5: Put in minimal effort to peel and eat! YUM!!!


2 Responses to “five steps to eggcellent”

  1. Incredible. I had no idea.


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