loving, eating, reading, planning

LOVING  bkr water bottles
  //   I’ve been using this little beauty for a few weeks now and have fallen deeper and deeper in love. Yes. I am in love with a water bottle. I could write a few paragraphs on just the mouthpiece alone (Hello! No spilling while drinking and driving – water only, people!), but I’ll spare you and give you the good advice to get yourself one of these pretty, hydrating things. Browse away!

EATING  chia seeds  //  Who knew the source of a chia pet could be so beneficial?! I know they’re all the rage, so I guess that makes me a follower but a follower who can run fast because these things give you the kick of energy needed for any ‘ol day! If you have a full schedule or need some replenishment, grab a little pinch of these babies! I’ve been adding a small tablespoon to my morning black tea and it seems to get the job done. So much more information on these miracle seeds here.

READING  the happiness advantage  //  I love blogs. Not so much books. I guess that’s a lie, because I LOVE to buy books, but have a hard time sitting down to read them unless I’m on an airplane (bookstore in airports = genius). Thanks to my recent trip to Palo Alto, I was on an airplane so naturally dug into one of the many books I’ve purchased over the past few months titled, The Happiness Advantage. I first heard about this book back in January when I visited New Orleans for Serious Business. Shawn Achor, author, was the opening speaker and immediately had my interest – happy people are more successful?! WHAT?!!?! I loved the idea behind his research and the fact that it’s scientifically based! I’m about halfway through the book and if nothing else have discovered a few beneficial practices to increase my optimism and gratitude. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

PLANNING  boot camp //  Holy sore muscles, guys! On a whim (and with a bit of coaxing from a corepower buddy) I decided it would be a good idea to sign up for Corepower’s Boot Camp. WHAT HAVE I DONE?! I mean this is a pretty big stretch for me, seeing as how I find multiple excuses per week to skip my workouts. With that said, I know I need a literal and figurative kick in the booty to prep myself to feel happy about wearing a bikini on a San Diegan beach come end of April, so here goes nothing!


2 Comments to “loving, eating, reading, planning”

  1. Good post on the happiness advantage. I’ve benefited my entire life from having a happiness advantage, and recently started a project to share the happiness advantage with others through random acts of kindness. Check us out at sharetheadvantage.org and learn more about our project, and read about organizations who are realizing measurable benefits from employing Shawn Achor’s material. There is a link to a 13 min video on our homepage summarizing the book for those who don’t care to read the entire book.

  2. Love these “loving, eating, reading, planning” posts!

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