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October 29, 2012

feels like mad men

The Mad Men surprise was a hit!! These photos speak for themselves so I’ll try not to babble on too much. We successfully pulled of a surprise 30th birthday party for Amy. She is not the easiest person to keep a secret from … especially one that twenty of her closest friends know about but somehow we did it (thank you to EVERYONE for celebrating, showering Amy with 30th birthday love and dressing to the nines in your Mad Men attire – let’s do it again next weekend). I’ll spare you my stories of visiting every Goodwill in the Twin Cities at least three times each for party prep and Mad Men decor and say that most importantly, Amy rolled into a new decade very loved and surrounded by a mess of Mad Men!

October 10, 2012

marathon MEN!

This weekend I cheered on two of my favorite guys at the Twin Cities Marathon. I left the finish line truly inspired and sooooo proud of our boys! As annoying as Brent and Barrett’s running schedules have been to my social calendar over the summer (i.e. no whooping it up Saturday night … have to run umpteen miles on Sunday morning at the crack of dawn), I am in awe of the dedication, commitment (are dedication and commitment the same thing?), strength, and determination these two exposed while gearing up for one crazy-long race. I am also thankful that Brent and Bear are tight – their running “partnership” allowed me to partner up with my sis and enjoy some bonus coffee shop / shopping time with her and my nephew.

All in all, the boys rocked the marathon and motivated me to do a little more running  … next summer.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the enormous support system / cheerleaders that lined the marathon route, shouted encouragement, drew signs, and/or jingled cowbells for Brent and Barrett. The love was definitely felt – I am so grateful for you all!

photo journalism courtesy of: mr. justin bradshaw

November 7, 2011

winter flashlight

I thought it necessary to bring light into tonight since we officially have limited daylight. Rah for winter!!

October 24, 2011

a classic is about to be born …

After news broke that I was going to be an Aunt for the VERY FIRST TIME, I got to party planning. Surprisingly, it was not a party for myself, but a get together honoring this little stoker and his Mama. Thanks to my belief that babies should have lots of books upon arrival, I decided to start a library for the little one. This idea themed the entire shower inspiring  invitations (not pictured … sorry!), party food, and presents! Each one of Amy’s friends told me about their favorite childhood book and I proceeded to hunt online and in book stores to get my hands on each one. At the party, friends wrote baby a little note on the inside cover of their favorite story. This boy now has a great start to one killer library – including classics like Where the Wild Things Are and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. The party food also tied into the children’s books. Goodies from books such as Green Eggs + Ham (deviled eggs + food coloring, no ham), The Stinky Cheese Man (cheese + crackers), If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (chocolate chip cookies), The Very Hungry Caterpillar (cupcakes), etc were displayed and eaten. From the amount of leftovers I’m assuming that one or two party-goers are also pregnant (not me!) …

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: To anyone thinking about attempting deviled eggs, don’t use fresh eggs!  Sounds weird, I know. But if your eggs have been in your fridge for at least 5 days, they peel much better than eggs right off the farm. Mine were fresh and a ______ (insert mean word) to peel!

All in all, the shower was a success. We played games (very competitively), opened presents, snacked (obviously), and more than anything came together to support Amy on her journey into motherhood!  We love you, Ame!!

October 10, 2011

braids are back!

If you were a Pippi Longstalking fan, you’ll be pleased to know that braids are back in full swing! The braid-phenomenon sweeping this fall was covered on the Today Show this morning – always a good indicator of a trend taking the fashion industry by storm. If you don’t know how to braid your own hair, cruise on over to YouTube. There are tons of videos useful for self-teaching. Happy braiding!

October 5, 2011

Gorgeous Goldenrod!

Simply summing up the sun these past few October days! Gorgeous Goldenrod!

Tibi v neck dress, $495
Lace thong, $28
Demi bra, $36
Jessica Simpson platform heels, $90
Leather bag, $100
Feather jewelry, $6.99
Tarina Tarantino chain choker necklace, $163
Yellow shades, $159
1STDIBS.COM – Pieces – Yellow Shell Back Chair

September 26, 2011

Fall Craft Day

So Fall Craft Day was a hit! Due to my recent obsession with Pinterest, I have created a never-ending list of “projects” to make – many seasonal. Thanks to that list, I orchestrated an afternoon of creating with a group of gals that either:

  1. Know a thing or two about crafting
  2. Enjoy saving a penny here or there

Each of us dove into a different project ranging from centerpieces to trick-or-treat buckets. #1 on my list was to decorate pumpkins that could not only last through Halloween, but right through Thanksgiving. Obviously, that meant I couldn’t carve them (who likes pumpkin seeds anyway?!).

I used real pumpkins however … add a little gold spray paint, and boom! They look magical. I did my best to stick with general fall colors and step away from anything too spooky that screamed HALLOWEEN. Plus, I’m obsessed with gold, so it seemed like an obvious color choice mandatory for everything I touched.

Other projects that were made included decorative candles, beautiful fall wreaths, and some festive wall decor. I may sound like a bit of an old lady, but it was really a great afternoon – a pile of crafts, a pile of girlfriends, and a pile of sweet treats turned into a lovely Sunday.

September 12, 2011

rojo reunion

This past Thursday night the Reichow’s got lucky and had the opportunity to eat dinner as one big family! Dad has been out and about working anywhere from Iowa to currently Florida, so it’s a bit tricky to grab him for dinner on any old weeknight. We settled in with the best company and enjoyed some tasty Mexican food at Rojo in West End. Two words – great salsa!!

I know you can’t tell, but I actually photoshopped Joe and Alyson into the mix. So, I guess I lied. The complete Reichow crew wasn’t entirely together, but almost. We miss those two crazy Californians. You can donate to the Joe + Alyson Move to Minnesota Fund with prayers daily … and while you’re at it, toss in a few heartfelt words for Daddio to land a lovely, long, stadium job right here in good ‘ol Minneapolis.  I can hardly wait for the whole crew to be back together. Total sweetness.

The night was so good. I’m not sure there’s anything better than sharing good food with such good people. Thanks for coordinating the best night of the week, Lis! You gone and done it again. Muah!

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September 8, 2011

skinny dipped with a splash of blue

If I was lucky enough to make the rules, my skin would maintain a darker shade than snow white as the warm weather flies south and any hint of tan I obtained over this wild summer leaves me entirely. Regardless of the well known fact that darker skin tones wear these neutral colors best, I’m obsessed and plan to do what I can to incorporate this lovely palette deep into my fall closet. Adding the blue might make it a bit lot more bearable to check me out as I walk down the street entirely dressed in my skin tone.

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