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February 25, 2013

five steps to eggcellent

The first time I really needed to succeed at hard boiling eggs, I was preparing for my sister’s story book themed baby shower. In addition to gifting my unborn nephew with a library of classic stories, all the food at the party was going to reflect an aspect of a children’s book. That’s where green eggs and ham came in. How complicated could it be to boil some eggs and drop a bit of food coloring into the yolks?! Surprisingly harder than it would have been to track down Dr. Seuss himself. I will admit that I was an amateur at hard boiling eggs, but I never dreamed the struggle between me and the stubborn shells would cause a near panic attack 20 minutes before guests arrived. I mean how can it be so ridiculously impossible to peel a freaking egg??? I didn’t have a panic attack, but instead made peace with the fact that my perfect spread would include hard boiled eggs that looked like they had been through the garbage disposal. I made peace and vowed NEVER to hard boil eggs again.

That’s when I discovered the best kept secret EVER. Baking them. I have to credit Pinterest and my good friend Calli for this discovery. If you ever prefer eggs hard boiled (great for lunches or to have in the fridge for a quick snack), this simple process comes highly recommended from a girl who has had serious hard boiling struggles. AND of coarse I wouldn’t be recommending this if it didn’t make peeling SO MUCH EASIER. So many perks I can’t stand it. They peel and you know exactly how long to cook them so they’re perfectly done. Follow along and bake something eggcellent!! (How cheesey is that, right? I love it.)

STEP 1: Grab a dozen of your favorite, farm fresh eggs and your standard muffin tin. Place one egg per muffin cup.
STEP 2: Once your oven reaches 325°, place the eggs in the oven and set your timer for 28 minutes.
STEP 3: Once the time is up, grab each egg out of the tin (salad tongs work great for this because the eggs are HOT) and place in a bowl of cold, cold water.
STEP 4: Admire your eggs.
STEP 5: Put in minimal effort to peel and eat! YUM!!!

September 30, 2011

kitchen stories

I have revived my love of juicing! As lame as it sounds, my juicer is a biatch to clean, so it had been a while. Anyway, I have decided to put it to good use the past few days – mainly due to some inspiration from my Aunt Lisa + Uncle Tony – but also because the seasons are changing and there’s no better time to eat a load of vegetables to avoid becoming best buddies with a stuffy nose.

My favorite blend so far contains a combination of fruits + vegetables … I like to call it “Garden Juice” for a few reasons. This juice LITERALLY tastes like you’re on your hands and knees in the garden, licking the dirt floor. Sound good, right? Just kidding. I hope you were visualizing yourself doing that though. I’m not gonna lie, this recipe does taste a bit like dirt, but if you like beets, I know you hear what I’m saying. So good! If you’re less inclined to drink up a cup of the outdoor floor, just add a few more apples and maybe 1/2 lemon to the following:

Garden Juice
3 beets
2 apples
4 big carrots
1 bunch kale
1 inch piece ginger

I have been preparing my juices at night after dinner and then storing them in the fridge until morning. The combination of all the vitamins and minerals is the. perfect. breakfast! I have continued to have my morning coffee, but am hopefully moving away from that (thanks to my crazy heart). Another HUGE benefit for me is that rather than constantly shoving vegetables down my throat to get enough protein into my diet (vegetarian here!), I have the ability to toss a whole load of dark green, leafy lettuces in the juicer and waalah! My protein intake for the day is instantly fulfilled.

A recipe I’m not going to share with you is from the juice I made last night (pictured below). It was not good. I added too much ginger, lotsa lemon, and a whole buncha spinach resulting in very acidic tasting nastiness. But the photos are sweet, so enjoy.

Obviously I’ve been having way too much fun exploring with my juicer. If you have recipes to share, send them along!! If you want to learn more, watch “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.” Intense and a little over-the-top, but you know how I love the food documentaries.