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July 11, 2012

door county tour

We have not only returned to Minneapolis, but also to reality! Brent and I had an outstanding week off celebrating our very first anniversary, a festive 4th of July (more on that later), and a weekend with friends in Minneapolis.

Our trek started off with a realization that Door County isn’t actually “just a couple hours” from the Twin Cities … it’s nearly 7. WOOF! Strike one on my vacation planning ability. After our long-ars drive (I’d guess longer for Brent as he had to listen to my constant singing and in-depth endless life questions), we rolled in to the Chanticleer Guest House in Sturgeon Bay. The space was beautiful, the guest rooms full of character, and a pool to boot! Yes!! I win on this find! … or so I thought. Unfortunately, Sturgeon Bay is at one end of Door County – the end with little to do, leaving the “action” roughly 30 miles from us. Strike two! As we quickly learned, if you’re heading to Door County for more than one night of romantic bliss, you want to stay in Fish Creek, Egg Harbor, or Sister Bay. We loved our bed and breakfast, but I’d only recommend staying that far out if you’re just planning to enjoy the bed and breakfast property – or if you love to sit in the car.

We spent lots of our vacation driving to and from Sturgeon Bay but managed to fill our days with lots of activities including mini golf, a lighthouse scavenger hunt (thanks for my history-loving husband), a nature walk (complete with Wisconsin’s best beer), swimming pool time, breakfast in bed daily, and tons (TONS!) of eating – including a taste of our 1 year old wedding cake. Still delicious! Some of our favorite eateries are highlighted below – go hungry!


  1. AL JOHNSON’S: GOATS ON THE ROOF! Seriously, there are goats on the grass-top roof of this Swedish restaurant – the food is good, but the exterior attraction is even better (pictured above). 
  2. THE COOKERY: The history of this restaurant is right up my alley – a love story plus local, organic, delicious food – did I say delicious? I drovewould have driven 30 miles every day to eat at this place. 
  3.  CHOP: Mmmmm! Our anniversary dinner was spent at Chop with big ‘ol SHRIMPS! So, so good! The perfect restaurant if you’re in Door County celebrating something special – quaint, romantic, and a little bit fancy.


Overall, I’d recommend Door County as getaway spot if you: 1. Love to shop for knick-knacks (strike three) or 2. love to eat (win). To sum it up, we had lots of fun together but I’d credit that to my hilarity, which Brent gets all day wherever we are, more than to Door County.  The biggest thing I’ve learned over this past year is that the best things in life are really worth waiting for – so cliché, but so true!

June 27, 2012

one year

brent and i are escaping to door county to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! i can’t believe i’ve been a married woman for 365 days already (well … 362). july 1 has become one of my favorite days to remember! i have much more to share regarding this last year’s adventure into wife-li-hood and also a bit more on door county upon my return! enjoy the weekend with fireworks of every kind!! xo

photo: our stay in door county

September 22, 2011

officially married | july 1 2011

Now that we have evidence of an actual wedding, I can officially say we’re married! I know. Old news. I won’t delay any longer with “newer” news – WE HAVE WEDDING PHOTOS!! I can’t say enough about the talent at Studio Blue. They transformed my every little detail and hours of planning into art pieces.

Thank you to everyone who was thinking of us, dancing with us, praying for us, and writing to us on that super, duper, sweaty, loving, happy, hot day!

Studio Blue Blog
officially married! facebook album

September 14, 2011

ceremony tunes

In preparation for the BIG SWEATY BEAUTIFUL wedding photo post, I thought I’d prep you with a review of our ceremony tunes. Creating the ceremony was my favorite part of wedding planning – I spent tons of time putting together our vows, looking up passages, writing and re-writing messages for the program, designing my heart out and last but not least, selecting music for such an important day. Every little thing carried special meaning.

My childhood pastor drove hours to lead our ceremony … and I hadn’t seen her in 10 years! We are so thankful to have had Pastor Betsy share our wedding day. On top of that, all of our musicians held a special place in our hearts. Our lead vocalist, Robin, taught me piano as a tiny girl, and her musical partner, Craig, lead vocals with her at the church I attended growing up. Our feature musical duo consisted of Brent’s sister, Allison, and father, Doyle – all possessing master talent.  They were amazing and the music so beautiful, that guests almost forgot it was nearly 120 degress in the church! No. I’m not kidding. It was phenomenal. And sweaty. With heat like that you don’t even need dance moves to help break a sweat!

A heat index of 120 degress + no air conditioning + lots of people = conditions perfect for sweating through underwear

I’ll go ahead and move away from those hot details. Enjoy the tunes!

Processional   |   Make You Feel My Love
Bride’s Entrance   |   Life in Technicolor
Gathering Song
   |   Ave Maria
Celebratory Song
   |    Follow Through
Unity Ceremony
   |   Mama’s Song
Recessional   | 
Forever and Ever, Amen

Here are a few other personal favorites played once the reception was underway – songs that will forever remind me of our special day.

First Dance  |   Give in to Me
Father-Daughter Dance  |   Teach Your Children

The following aren’t links to our actual ceremony / reception audio. I know, I know. Seems strange that we didn’t actually have Beyonce perform, but alas … thanks youtube!