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March 7, 2013

stopping the selfie

headshots-paI love a good selfie as much as the next girl, but let’s be real. I love a good head shot even more! That’s right. Eliminate your selfie production and let me photograph you instead! I’ve been shooting head shots like crazy over the past few months and am LOVING every minute of it. I was just in Palo Alto and had the pleasure to not only enjoy the sun and scenery of that beautiful city, but also to capture some of my beautiful friends (above). Whether you’re auditioning for The Bachelor (yes, I’m serious), need to get your face up on your new business website or just want to replace the selfie on all of your social media profiles, I’m your girl!

For pricing and additional information, send a note to All photos pictured above taken by Ashley Borntrager.

February 23, 2013

loving, eating, reading, planning


LOVING  subway tile  //   along with our never-ending home search comes my never-ending decorating and re-decorating of rooms in our (currently imaginary) house. since the very first day we began house hunting (2 years ago), my decor style has changed quit a bit. i am looking forward to navigating my endless bookmarks, pinterest boards and scouring the neighborhood garage sales to select the perfect pieces for each room. and i really can’t wait to settle in to a neighborhood. HOUSE! hurry up and find us already!!

EATING  grapefruit  //  typically i buy grapefruit and end up throwing them away a few weeks later when they no longer look edible (because they always seem like so much work — laaaaaayzeeeee). something got into me this week and i ate one every single day. it was the best timing for so many reasons. every time i cut one of those juicy fruits open, it drove me back to a warmer time when the outside temperature reached above zero. it was nice for the 5 minutes it took me to eat it. not to mention, they’re great for you. so if you need a little splash of summer or vacation, or just a load of vitamin C, grab a grapefruit!

READING  enjoying the small things – dash’s birth story  //  Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things has been one of my favorite bloggers/writers since i was introduced to her work a little over a year ago (thanks for the intro, Ame). when i first read her blog she was writing her first book (Bloom – highly recommended). to be extremely brief, it is about the birth and first year of her youngest daughters life. well, she’s had another baby (first boy, third baby) and each birth story she writes is completely captivating. somehow she makes you feel like you were there. or at least like you wanted to be there to celebrate, to cry, and at the very least to hold the tiny little baby she’s just welcomed. her writing will bring you to tears and make you crave your family. it is beautiful!

PLANNING  palo alto  //  i have the pleasure of heading out to Palo Alto, CA this week for the first time ever to snap head shots of our team who keeps that pretty city looking so beautiful. i am thrilled to take a mini break from the minnesota winter! and of coarse to use my camera.  i often find myself defaulting to capture everything on my iphone to avoid lugging my big bag along (bad excuse, i know). when i bring it with me, i’m always so glad i did.

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